Look4Them – a movie that wakes you up.
Pictures and music are more than thousand words.

Look4Them Movie Poster

Look4Them – Better active now than radioactive tomorrow

LOOK4THEM – The Movie:

How far can you go, when you fight for the right cause?
Does the perspective of the greater good justify kidnapping, violence or even murder?

4 young environmental activists campaign for ecological awareness. While pictures of their radical protest spread across the news, the group’s attention is already drawn to a new scandal: a sunken ship containing radioactive waste in a Normandy bay area, home of activist Inés. Her fight for the environment now becomes a fight for her family’s lives. To salvage the ship the crew need the exact coordinates and a huge amount of money. The only way: kidnapping the responsible for sinking the ship. Can they succeed as terrorists being new in the „business“?

LOOK4THEM represents a young, flexible generation ready to face the world’s problems with unconventional but courageous methods.

Learn more about the Background of the Movie

Watch the interview with Marc Hairapetian for Fairplanet
and the producers of Look4Them.

  • Do you know wipms?
  • Can you see behind the scene?
  • Do you know the guilty part?
  • Would you like a change?
  • how far would you go - drug somebody ?
  • Would you poison someone?

A huge thank you to all the actors and actresses who supported the theme.

inès - bettina burchard
mark - benjamin heinrich
peter - michael jassin
viola - antje koch
diamond - jesse inman
advani - prashant jaiswal
barent - simon newby
tibor - gabor altorjay
eva - ramona beckmann
gallery owner - mathieu carriere
anchorman - jerry coyle
asian guy - nick dong-sik
anchor woman - deborah friedman
heinz - scotch maier
patrik - laslo oskajan
journalist - johannes prill
child care worker - martina schiesser
grandy - eve slatner
rico - axel wedekind
journalist - indira weis
alice - rebecca wolf
pastry chef - mario x

mohsin abbas
gegee bat-ochir
lena breckwoldt
dieter brockmeyer
katharina eckerfeld
eugen feihe
anna flock
dieter flock
fatma genc
kasem hoxha
florencia hurtado
andreas ketelhut
vanessa kieniger
nina kuyumcu
frederike linka
arne rudolf
alexandra schiller
majid semnar

line producer - otmar hitzelberger
-tom dokoupil
production manager - otmar hitzelberger
dop - tom dokoupil
camera - frantisek cermak
wardrobe - uschy cyriax
make up - gülay ertürk
stage light & grip - peter trautmann
-wolfgang kluge
sound - dominic rosales
- tom dokoupil
octocopter flights - stefan menne
camera and light suport - mbf frankfurt & berlin
uwe heller
peter matthäi
dramaturgical consultant - anna dokoupilova
set worker - ali
lino hitzelberger
catering - cyriax
account department - frau claudia
best boys - dominic rosales
stefan schadt
roman štefl

post production:
editor - tom dokoupil
otmar hitzelberger
colorist - tom dokoupil
bernd güssbacher
visual effects - pixel pigs
3d vfx - acht frankfurt
rocco schult
mark dauth
valentin grünberg
adr & follyes recording - tom dokoupil
remix - whitehouse studios

special thanx:
mathilde merlot • tony clark
christian serritiello • jill holwerda
fumio okura • christophe lascombes
ängie pollak • julius douglas dombrink
hannes siller • haley jones
jerry coyle •jessica faiss
david brown • alexander bauer
carla sahli • donia touglo
evelyn lebherz • guido hettinger
heiko hübschmann • jiri georg dokoupil
christina and bernd capitain
eva-maria hoettecke • gerd schultze
kathleen renish • melanie linka
andreas thein • martin kukula
rolf hermann • conny schwarz
sandra - jimmy - luiz kömpel
lino hitzelberger • magda dokoupilova
marko bach • uli beck
philomena höltkemeier
cafe & confiserie fromme
haus frankreich
film acting school cologne
deutsche welle bonn


"what if"
performed by alison kuhn
music by d.droit,
lyrics by alison kuhn, tom dokopil

"red sludge"
performed by gabor altorjay & the fast breeders
music by the fast breeders
lyrics by gabor altorjay, tom dokopil

"the one"
performed by the naked hands
music by the naked hands
lyrics by falk ulshöfer

performed by andre pathe & besser&wisser
music by d.droit,
lyrics by andre pathe, tom dokopil

shooted on locations in
berlin, cologne, frankfurt - germany
omaha beach, port-en-bessin huppain, paris - france
rotterdam - neetherlands

a tom dokoupil, otmar hitzelberger film

the best fight is one that does not occur!

  1. seoflexx sagt:

    Lets get started. We can’t wait to hear from you.

  2. Otmar sagt:

    Ein Film mit viel Herzblut und Engagement .. phantastisch

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